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How much will it cost?

The cost of care will differ depending on your individual circumstances. Typically you can expect to pay around £14 per – £16 hour depending on care needs; however we believe it is important not to focus on price per hour. Alpha-Imperial’s philosophy is to promote independent living; this means that we actively look to integrate assistive technology and encourage general wellbeing programmes that can slow deterioration. Our approach considers the long term cost of care and we differ from other providers by actively trying to maintain or reduce the cost of on-going care. Call or email us for a free home visit where we will listen to your unique needs and carry out a no obligation detailed assessment. We will then suggest an appropriate menu of care services that will support you in your home.

How quickly can you arrange care services?

A care package can be set up within 48 hours of an assessment and in some circumstances we can provide care on the same day. Call or email us for further details.

Where can I get further information and support?

Your local authority social services department should be able to help and advise you further: you can find details of your local social services department here.
You may also find the following websites useful sources of information
Home Care
Paying for Care
The Care Quality Commission
The Care Inspectorate Scotland
Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales
The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority

Do your home care workers cook?

We can provide assistance with meal preparation for breakfast, lunch or your evening meal. We encourage you to have a healthy well balanced diet, and therefore our care workers will prepare food of your choice, providing they have enough time to cook it.

We also do batch cooking if you have a freezer, so you can freeze portions of home cooked food, which can be more convenient, nutritious and cost-effective than buying frozen ready meals.

Do you provide home care through the night?

We have a range of flexible options. If support is needed once or twice in the night to use the bathroom for instance, we can provide a sleeper service, where the care worker goes to sleep (you will need somewhere for them to sleep).

We also have a night sitting service where the home care worker remains awake through the night and is able to support your every need.

Do you care for pets?

Yes – this can be included in your home care support plan.

Can my home care worker assist me with taking my medication?

Yes. You may simply need a reminder to take your tablets or medicine, or perhaps need more help than this – we can work with you to create a support plan that incorporates this.

What if I need help outside of my planned visit?

If your home care is contracted via social services, we may need to call your social worker to obtain permission to put extra care in place. Otherwise we can adjust your planned visits to meet your immediate needs.