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About Us

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We are specialised in providing person-centred care we have recognised that having the very best carers is absolutely central to our success. Passionate, enthusiastic and full of positivity. Our carers consistently deliver quality care tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We know that choosing care, whether home care or hourly visiting care, can be a life-changing decision and that every moment our experienced carers spend in the home of an individual can improve their standard of living, helping them to feel that they can live independently and in comfort.

Our Aim

To be the best health and social care provider in the UK. We do this by providing premium support and care to enable people to remain in their own homes and pursue their chosen lifestyle, regardless of age, disability and geographical area.

Our Mission

To provide the best care all the time. We endeavour to ensure that we deliver a consistent and excellent service to every customer at every opportunity.

Our Focus

Our commitment is to prioritize the needs of our customers by respecting their wishes and choices about how they want to receive care and support. We always meticulously consider what’s important to them in their life, not just their care.

Focus on Excellence

We deliver a the finest service with consistently and continually, regardless of who is delivering it. Even though whilst carers may differ, standards and quality do not.
We always think ahead but when things do not work out as planned, we work vigorously to put things right. This is done with great swiftness and convincingly for everyone involved. We care deeply about the quality of our work and our people, and build trust by delivering on our promises.

Continuous Improvement

At Alpha-Imperial, we have achieved so much already, but each day of the year presents new opportunities. We understand that it’s often the little things that make big differences. We are always trying to improve our services and consequently people’s lives in any way we can. As a result of this, thinking about how we can do things better and make things possible is fundamental to us.

We are zealous about achieving better results each time and will always look to improve our existing skills and seek feedback so that we can continue to improve. We take pride in and enjoy what we do.